10 Rituals For a Mindful First Mother's Day

Photo by Daniela Ray @mamanielaphoto

Photo by Daniela Ray @mamanielaphoto

Mother’s Day is full of expectation, anticipation and a lot of giving. As a new mom everything is amplified and the idea of enjoying “your” special day can feel like a pressure.  The first mother’s day calls for extra special expectations but your baby is too young to give thanks, husbands are a bit green and grandparents eagerly want to feel the love but you still want it to be a day for you. You want the social media post, the flowers, somebody to tell you your doing a good job and you are but between the dirty diapers, the spit up and the sleep deprivation how can you make this day about you?

I know that as a new mom self care can seem like a big ask but I invite you to integrate these 10 rituals into your day for nourishment, mindfulness and presence.

  1. Wake up and drink a room temperature glass of water followed glass of warm water with a whole squeezed lemon. Do not boil the lemon. Allow your body to be nourished by the Earth and hydrate early on.  If you are breastfeeding staying hydrated is even more important.

  2. Meditate with your baby - meditation doesn’t have to be about silence, holding a pose or closing your eyes. Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of your day touching your baby, holding them, feeding them. Slow your breath. Tap in. Create a mindful and aware state of presence so you and your baby can stay in tune for the rest of the day.

  3. Make a nourishing breakfast that connects you to the Earth using Whole Foods. A green smoothie with plenty of iron rich greens, banana, apple, hemp seeds, water, ginger and more lemon. If your baby is eating solids you can share some of this with your baby. Listen to your body honestly. If you are craving something  warming make a comforting bowl of oatmeal, add turmeric, cinnamon, banana and apple.

  4. Burn a delicious scent in your home such as a soy based aromatherapy candle or palo santo. Let the smell ground and cocoon you into your space. Choose Earth scents to support your sense of wellbeing. I like amber, rose and sage. Spend a moment with the flame noticing how it dances, both fragile and strong at the same time.

  5. Move your body with or without your baby. Allow play into your practice. Get on or off the mat. This day is about celebrating your achievements as a new mother but also experiencing joy, creativity and freedom. Move in a way that makes you feel free. Dance. Sway. Experience your intensity.

  6. Connect to nature. Take a short or long walk alone of with your family. Feel your feet on the ground, in the sand or the ocean. Feel dirt under your hands. Know that Mother Earth is there to support you. If you live in a city look at the sky. Nature surrounds us everywhere.

  7. Carve out the time to take a bath or shower alone. Re experience your body. Spend time with your body. Notice all it has done for you and all it will continue to do. Reconnect with yourself as an autonomous person. Whether you physically birthed your baby, adopted your child or entered into motherhood in another way you act as your babies home day in and day out. Feel your body. Look at your body. Honestly let you feelings eb and flow.

  8. Spend a few minutes journaling at the end of the day, writing freely about your womanhood. Close your eyes before hand. Breathe in for 4. Hold for 4. Out for 4. Let truthful and authentic feelings arise. Write about your experience of your body, visualize yourself as the mother you are. Write and release.

  9. Make a warming evening elixir with plant milk, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, stevia or other sweetener, coconut oil and cacao powder. Nourish your body. Nourish your soul.

  10. Cuddle with your family. Get under the covers and touch each other. Visualize your selves as a family of bears, a clan a tribe. Spend a moment in silence just touching and being. You are all one.