Wild WMN's fire ceremony is such a beautiful experience. I wasn't quite sure what to expect going in, but Elizabeth is so genuine, creative and inspiring that I knew it would be a safe space to step outside of your comfort zone, let down any walls and really connect with people. Still, I couldn't have imagined it would be the catalyst for the type of transformation that I felt and experienced in the other women who were present. There were so much love, acceptance and support in that circle. Everyone walked away having released something dark and absorbed a bit more light. So thankful to Elizabeth for what she has created.

- Myah Hollis, Co-Founder of Pretty Thing

Elizabeth Flynn of Wild WMN is so sweet and down to earth. She is devoted to creating empowering experiences for all women through Wild WMN, and her fire ceremony exceeds all expectation. Wild WMN is an enlightening and thoughtful community, which is a rare thing to find here in Los Angeles. If you're on the fence, in desperate need to unplug, or are simply looking for a one-of-a-kind, positive, women-centric experience -- Wild WMN is where it's at.

- Sarah Hawkins, Co-Founder of Pretty Thing

“I feel grateful for many things in my life. one of them is being able to take part in Elizabeth’s wild motherhood group. The moment i’ve entered the beautiful space I felt at home. and even though I take part in other mom groups I have to say that Elizabeth’s group is truly special and outstanding. Whereas most mom gatherings talk about baby’s sleep, how to introduce food etc (things you normally have an intuition for) within the wild motherhood group we focused of us mothers: what a logical amazing approach. There was a huge sense of support, honesty and understanding within this group of amazing women, guided by Elizabeth.

Our children were there with us and engaging peacefully, having a good time altogether.

On top of this Elizabeth always watched out for us moms by pampering us with special candles, food, creams etc. amazing! I cannot thank you enough and i am looking forward to be part of the next wild motherhood.


- Silam Schmidt, Mama

“Elizabeth guided me through an energizing session where we worked on staying present and quieting the mind. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with my mind and body and dive into limiting beliefs. Elizabeth's thoughtful questions, empathy, and soothing demeanor, made this experience so worthwhile!”

-Salima Saunders, Health Coach