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I offer in person sessions as well as remote sessions via Email, Zoom or Face Time. Please reach out to me directly via the contact form or email me at for more info.


The Wild Mentorship is a 6 week online mentorship consisting of weekly email conversations, homework and one zoom/ facetime consultation. The email mentorship is ideal for anyone who is short of time or working remotely but still wants to dive in to their authenticity, wildness and healing. The emails will explore your inner being and encourage you to take steps to face your fears, boost your creativity and step out of your shadow. Over the course of the 6 weeks you will also be asked to complete some simple journal exercises and incorporate rituals into your day. In person mentorship is also available. 

6 weeks email mentorship + 1 zoom/ facetime consultation       


6 week email mentorship +  30 min weekly zoom/ facetime chats


6 week email mentorship +  45 min weekly in person chats



Aside from public yoga classes, mentorships, women's circles, and WILD WMN EVENTS events I offer one on one WILD sessions incorporating artistic expression, cathartic movement custom rituals and holistic therapies. Every session will be different and personal depending on the needs of the client. Whether you are looking to boost your confidence, transform your lifestyle, find community, spirituality or are working to heal yourself from an eating disorder, depression, trauma or re-find yourself in or before motherhood I am here for you. I see you, I hear you. Acting as your spirit animal, guiding and cheering you along on your path, I help to form and weld the identity that is truly yours, simply acting as the strong banks of the river, allowing you to flow in your own unique, empowered and magical way. Healing and empowerment comes from within. Sessions can be virtual or in person and will include homework and lifestyle suggestions allowing you to transform your views of yourself and the world. WILD SESSIONS are very similar to the mentorship but include more movement, meditation and visualization. 

Wild Session                                                                  $150

5 Wild Sessions                                                             $600


Wild WMN workshops and events give you the tools you need to drop into your body and out of your head, allowing you to connect with your fully embodied goddess self and find empowerment through movement, journalling and creativity. Prepare to sweat it out on your mat, move your hips and shake your hair out whilst discovering aspects of yourself that have remained hidden. You are powerful. You are sexy. You are fearless. Each event is different so please refer to the specific event for info. 


I have always been fascinated by ritual, ancient and modern, and the ability for it to transform your life and connection to the Earth and community. Whether you are looking to introduce ritual into your life for healing or want to plan a particular event incorporating ritual Elizabeth can guide you into establishing a routine or manifest a powerful gathering such as a blessing way, moon circle or fire ceremony. 

Elizabeth holds regular ritual based events for women, either in her mystical garden or elsewhere around LA. Please reach out if you would like to book an event. 


I am an experienced yoga teacher and mindfulness coach. Yoga can transform your way of living. Please reach out for information on public classes or if you are interested in booking a private session. 

Private Session


5 Pack



I LOVE public speaking. I have been on a long journey recovering from an extreme eating disorder, addiction and pre natal depression and anxiety. I enjoy speaking on WMNHOOD, MOTHERHOOD, BODY IMAGE, GRIEF, IDENTITY and FREEDOM. Please reach out #WEARETHEWILDWMN