Our Love Edit

Valentines Day is coming and whilst this “day” come with many associations we LOVE and excuse to celebrate LOVE.

Love isn’t just about romantic relationships, it’s about self love, love for our friends, love for our planet, love for each other.

Let’s reclaim this day of love, loose the pink hearts and fluffy teddies ( they are ok too if it’s your thing) and shop small with our valentines day edit.

From top right to bottom left

  1. Curve Print - the perfect gesture for any WILD WMN

  2. Curve Postcards - gives a gift or write your love a letter

  3. Piel Tote - a beautiful handprinted tote for your love

  4. Mama Candle - for the mama’s in your life

  5. Wild Bangle - a practical gift for a WILD WMN. Bracelets are great for new moms!

  6. Wild Key - keep it close to your heart

  7. Fearless Pendant - for the WMN we know that walk through life without fear

  8. Fearless Pin - brave hearted and beautiful

  9. Wild Sessions - the perfect gift for someone else or yourself. Are you looking to break free?

  10. White Moon Shift - for the boho goddess

  11. White Flow Duster - it makes magic happen!

  12. Wild Mentorship - the perfect gift for someone looking to take it to the next step in their personal life or business.

Pop over to our Love edit to support women artists and women owned.

Free shipping using the code LOVE until Valentines Day