Rituals For The End Of The Day

Rituals are so much more romantic than routines - we all carve them into our lives. We find our rituals whether we know it or not? 

What are yours?



Here are my simple rituals for the end of the day. 

1. Take a warm bath with or without my baby - look at your body - notice it - it's part of you. 

2. Apply coconut oil to my skin. Massage my belly where my baby marked me. 

3. Enjoy a nourishing plant based meal.

4. Have a warm elixir. Either a turmeric latte or a chamomile tea. 

5. Take one drop of CBD to promote calm and sleep. 

6. Clean my teeth and have alone time in the bathroom. Time to yourself is so important. 

7. Snuggle my daughter. 

7. Make sure the room for sleeping is black and quiet.

These rituals are specific to me and may not work with everyone especially if you don't have a child. I recommend taking time to notice what makes you feel good in the evening - what is your intuition telling you to do. Then run with it.