As an avid user and ambassador or RITUAL, the carefully formulated daily vitamin for women, I was delighted when I learned they’ve formulated a second, exquisitely formed supplement for conception, pregnancy and postpartum. The Ritual Essential Prenatal is finally here !

RITUAL is a carefully formulated subscription pill made especially for women by women and contains the highest quality, natural essentials that aid most women’s health. You can read more about why I love RITUAL here.

That said, now the ESSENTIAL PRENATAL is here I am definitely switching out my subscription. As a breastfeeding mama my body desperately needs to rejuvenate and replenish all the nutrients I lost during pregnancy and to continue giving the best to my one year old. We’re also starting to think about baby number two (shhhh) and although my menstrual cycle hasn’t yet restored I want to achieve optimal nutrition after the depletion of my first pregnancy. I’m want to be prepared for another surprise baby in case it happens!

Prenatal vitamins are NOT JUST FOR PREGNANT PEOPLE.

Did you know 45 % of pregnancies in the US are unplanned or unexpected ? I was one of those 45 % - what’s scary is that the first 28 days or pregnancy are the most essential when it comes to vitamins, minerals and nutrition for fetal neural tube development. That means the most essential time of development happens before most women know they are pregnant - whether they are trying or not - as soon as a baby is conceived (and even before ) the body needs to be prepared with adequate amounts of Folate, B Vitamins and more. Leafy green vegetables, beans and avocados help (thank goddess I’m such a herbivore) but taking a good prenatal will ensure adequate nutritional stores.

When I was pregnant I found myself the most healthy I have ever been, this was to do with three things.

  1. I started REALLY REALLY caring about my health. I gave myself worth. I saw the power of my being.

  2. The body has less of an inflammatory response during pregnancy.

  3. I took 1 million 7 thousand 3 hundred and 62 supplements (well nearly) which REALLY made a difference to how I feel. I would love to condense these down to one pill.

Watch the video below to learn more.

More reasons why I love the RITUAL ESSENTIAL PRENATAL

  1. It is 100 % vegan (rare for a prenatal) as its Omega 3s are from algal oil and its D3 from wild-harvested litchen (ahh amazing)

  2. It’s gluten free, allergen free and non GMO.

  3. It’s 1 small pill that smells nice. Morning sickness can make swallowing pills really hard. Thank you for making it easy.

  4. It’s designed with the common MTHFR gene variation in mind ( a variation in many women making some Folic hard to absorb) , using Methylated Folate instead of Folic Acid, so the nutrients can be properly processed by all women to support neural tube development in the first 28 days of pregnancy.

  5. It looks amazing.

  6. It’s shipped to your door.

  7. It’s $35 a month.

Sign up and learn more here.

Well be gifting all WILD MOTHERHOOD GROUP attendees a month of Essential Prenatal. Sign up now !