Plain Alchemy

ART + HEALING by Emmalea Russo



Plain Alchemy is a culmination of years of experimentation with art and healing practices. I've spent lots of time in the classroom and have graduate degrees in art and writing. I've also spent lots of time exploring healing modalities for epilepsy and going rogue from conventional medical advice. I use the term Alchemization to describe my process -- because I'm just really drawn to this idea of transformation. Not necessarily creating or destroying -- but shifting perspective around illness, creativity, and ways of being in the world. In my art and writing practices I pull from everything -- city sidewalk debris, philosophy, my own experiences, architecture, movies. I'm less energized by the idea of a singular artistic genius or a blank piece of paper or canvas and more energized by the idea that it's all usable. When we use the energy we already have and pull from the energy around us, we can become autonomous alchemists of our own lives and well being. We are always building upon a vast history of what came before us. My approach to my creative work directly translates into what I teach in workshops and one on one with clients. We visualize and exercise the mind and then take creative actions. Alchemization is this process of moving back and forth between observing and creating -- of getting comfortable shifting between feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies in order to transform potential energy into creation. I really believe that we are all creative beings. And honestly, a lot of it comes down to just looking around and asking -- how do I want to spend my time? What do I like to do? That's the start of creative thought.



Plain Alchemy was founded on the belief that we are all artists. The realization of our core creativity is a deep healing tool. Emmalea Russo, founder of Plain Alchemy, is a creative wellness guide, artist, and writer who is here to guide you on your journey towards your most creative, authentic self.