The new moon is typically a time to turn inward but the powerful and fiery Sagittarius energy, and the fact that this is the last new moon of the year is creating some dramatic external shifts.  This new moon energy is buzzing and vibrant, similar to the energy of a typical full moon and is full of potential for change. This new moon provides the perfect opportunity to take big leaps and grow in ways that you need before the end of the year. This year, 2018, the year of transformation and spiritual awakening has seen many of us waking the up - it is no surprise that as we head into the last lunar cycle of the year that waking up is going to get supercharged. This new moon is a time for risk taking, but when I say risk taking I mean saying FU to that fear and smashing it down with a sledge hammer. Start to bring your focus to all you have achieved in 2018 and plant the seeds for 2019 - a year when your growth will continue. 

In these winter months it’s easy to retreat - we want to stay cost and warm, isolated and alone but remember community is key to rising freely. 

Mercury is also heading out of retrograde tomorrow with the new moon ! Thank YOU. This year has had a three mercury retrograde with three fire signs and they’ve taken their toll. The end of this retrograde marks freedom, abundance, communication and so much more. 


What lessons has this year taught me ? What do I still have to learn ?

In which ways can I grown my community ?

What am I calling in for the following lunar cycle and year ?

What am I ready to let go of ?

What fears are holding me back ?

What are my passions ?

Where is my inner fire burning ?

What questions do I have unanswered ?


Take a nourishing bath with candles and bergamot oil.

Meditate on the candles as you bathe.

Spend time thinking about your transformation and the ways you are still transforming.

Call in your goddess self.