Talking Skincare + Sleep for New Mamas


Hi! We’re Stephy and Kriszta, Co-founders of Moonlit Skincare. Moonlit is dedicated to overnight skincare and sleep wellness. It’s universally known that nighttime is when your skin, body, and mind recover, so we dedicate ourselves to these healing hours.

Below are our 7 favorite sleep tips specifically for new mamas and their new babies, plus a cheat sheet list of skincare ingredients to avoid when pregnant or nursing.


Happy Sleeping!

Stephy + Kriszta


Sleep tools for new mamas + their babies:



1. White Noise Machine: For all kids (and adults!) white noise can block out creaks and masks other household noises that go bump in the night. This one from HATCH adjusts the light and sound settings with the easy-to-use app


2. A Silk Eyemask for naps: Baby down for an afternoon nap? It’s your turn as well. Chores can wait and these are precious minutes for your body to recover and relax. Block out light and distractions any time of the day (or night!) with Moonlit’s silk eyemask.



3. Serving Tray: Snag a tray for those long feeding sessions in bed with your baby. Water, lotion, snacks, a book will be within an arm’s reach without overcrowding your bedside table. 




4.Infant Massage before bedtime: Some mamas swear by this wind-down technique for their newborns. Perhaps it’s pressure points or just a mother’s touch.. Hey, whatever helps!


Illustration: Olivia Mew



5. 100% Silk Pillowcase: There truly aren’t enough hours in a day when you become a mother. Luckily, silk pillowcases cut down on the time brushing your hair in the morning. Silk is a protein (while cotton is a plant) so the fibers are smoother, treating your tresses to shine and a reduction in tangles. Tip: They also preserve your blowout for an additional 2 days!




6. LED Push Night Light: When you’re up for a nighttime feed, avoid turning on those blinding bright lights. An inexpensive LED light that operates on batteries (so you can put it wherever you need) turns on with a quick touch. This also helps reduce the “wake-up” signals going to the parent and baby’s brains so it’s much easier to fall back to sleep after feeding.


7. Bedtime stories: Ok, we really like this one because it’s easy and it also highlights to power of voice. If you’re reading a book to your child before tucking them in, opt to deliberately tell the story slowly- as if your voice is soaked in molasses. This slow-down voice will lull you child to sleep and send a signal to their brains that things are winding down the world is ready to rest.


BONUS: The skincare ingredients to watch out when pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Retinols: This is the big one and a highly-lauded ingredient when it comes to anti-aging

  • Hydroquinone: Used to lighten skin and treat melasma

  • Salicylic acid: An effective ingredient when it comes to acne treatment, this is

  • Chemical sunscreens: Opt for one with zinc oxide instead.