On Mindful Voice

by Tina Babajanians 



"Have you ever met a child who will not speak? No matter how sweet and tender you are to her, she won’t allow you to hear her voice? I have. My little client came to me around 6 years of age refusing to allow anyone except her immediate family to hear her voice. And so we began to work together to decontaminate the trauma and fear. Slowly we established rapport, we worked with our oral musculature and our breath. We hummed and laughed. A year passed. One day I asked her a simple question, as I always did, and suddenly as if by magic she responded. She allowed me to hear her. To know her. To communicate with her. 

It has been three years and although I continue to work with this little one she has grown in leaps and bounds. Communicating with peers in the safety of our therapeutic space. Laughing, expressing her thoughts and emotions using her voice. This was the beginning of my journey with the voice. The importance of the breath. "

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. 

This is your breath. This is your consciousness. This is your voice. 

Without your deep breath there is no voice. So how do you find your deepest breath. How do you express your truest voice. Claron McFadden said that the human voice is the vessel on which all emotions travel. The breath is the captain of that vessel. If we learn to control our breath then we learn to control our voice. Our voice tells our story. What story does your voice tell? 

I charge all women to engage in a breath and voice ritual. 

We nourish our minds. We feed our wise bodies nutrient dense foods. We stretch and soothe our muscles. Why neglect our beautiful voice? It serves such important biological, physiological and emotional purpose. 

Start simply with your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Deep, slow belly breaths. Add to it a simple “shhh” or “mmm”. Humming stimulates the vagus nerve and tones it. Your breath and voice carry healing vibrations into your body. Gentle touch to the front of your throat can relax the small but powerful muscles that lift and lower your larynx - for voicing, for breathing, for swallowing your food. 

Simple additions to your overall wellness routine can elevate your vocal vibrations. It keeps your instrument healthy and drives optimal performance. Let your voice communicate what your inner thoughts, emotions and intentions are. 

Be free. 


Tina Babajanians has been practicing the rehabilitative art of speech - language pathology for nearly ten years. Today she practices out of her home office in Pasadena, CA. Her specialty is the vocal health, wellness and rehabilitation. You can find her at www.thevoicestylist.com or @thevoicestylist