The Mama Love Edit

Mama’s Day is nearly upon us and a day to celebrate mama’s is always a good one!

Here are the reasons why we love mamas

  1. They are raising the next generation

  2. They LOVE

  3. They are creative, imaginative and fearless

  4. That mama intuition is on point !

  5. They need to be seen, heard and loved more.

  6. We all have a mama and will probably be a mama, at least in one of our lives (listen to Dena Moes perspective on Motherhood on the WILD WMN podcast)

  7. They are representative of the Earth

  8. They are resilient

  9. They do it alone when they should be doing it as a village.

  10. They are wise yet underserved

I’m sure you are here because you love the mamas in your life!

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