The WILD WMN Guide To London

London is an incredible, energetic city.

I grew up in the UK and I find traveling to my home country complex. I absolutely adore the vibrant creativity that lives and breathes inside London but walking streets that are haunted by shadow can bring up a host of different feelings. I can’t help but remember times of darkness and spending time close to my family can leave me falling into old patterns and ways of thinking. Like many, when I spend time on the land I grew up in old ancestral wounds resurface and I find myself feeling less of a woman and more of a child. Even so, it also gives me an opportunity to celebrate how far I have come and spending time with family is always a nourishing experience despite the complexities. Now that I am a mother I adore seeing my daughter connect with my sister and her grandmother and I find myself excited at the prospect of showing her landmarks and places that I visited as a child.

Living in Los Angeles, I have access to nature and sunshine on the regular. I find it a challenge to be removed from these resources so visits to big cities like London, Paris and New York can be draining. I prefer to keep visits to big cities short so I can fully live and vibrate with the energy of the city without becoming depleted.

Here is my guide to a city I once called home :


I lived in East London for many years and I am naturally drawn to this creative hub when I visit London. For a short visit I would recommend staying at the ACE HOTEL in Shoreditch. I am a great AIR BNB fan but when traveling to big cities I like to have a base where I can leave bags and a hotel room is easy for a quick in and out.


The British Museum is a must. I have always adored the Egyptian artifacts and there is a wildness about these ancient works of art. The Eastern art is also incredible and I adore reading about the different ancient goddesses.

The Barbican is one of my favorite places in London. It’s architecture is dystopian but graceful. Check out the theatre and rotating art exhibitions.

The Tate Museums are world class and must visit for a rotating schedule of exhibitions and free permanent galleries.

The Saatchi Gallery has a special place in my heart. I first visited the Saatchi as a hopeful 17 year old going to drop off my Art Portfolio at Central Saint Martins - the art school I later attended. The Saatchi gallery has a rotating, free display of up and coming artists.

Hampstead Heath is a great escape from the main city and provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature should you need it. There are other great parks in the city such as Hyde Park and St James Park.

Kew Gardens is an incredible botanical gardens just outside the city. The greenhouses are beautiful and very photogenic. Definitely take a whole day.

Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday mornings is so fun !


There is a whole host of incredible places to eat in London. I really enjoy the variety of the food and the different flavors from all over the globe that come together in this melting pot.

Here are some of my favorites

PIZZA EAST is an amazing modern Italian in an industrial space. They are family friendly with lots of gluten free and some vegan options.

HOI POLLOI at the Ace Hotel is just amazing. It’s a chic space - room service is good too!

DISHOOM is world class, inventive Indian food. Try it !

THE BREAKFAST CLUB is great English/ American all day breakfast. This was one of the last eateries i visited with my dad so has a special place in my heart!

FARMACY the best vegan food in London. Reminiscent of Cafe Gratitude - a menu packed with adaptogens.

When your in the city take the time to be in the city. There’s a different kind of wildness and a real way to be free. Go with the flow. Embrace the chaos. This is a city of dreams.