I will not only survive.

This is an incredible poem by Jennifer Stierwalt written at our January Full Moon Fire Ceremony. We are honored to have such strong women rise in our community. Thank you!



I will not only survive. 

I will thrive 

For it’s not just a dream, but the truth of my third eye 

As I become a master of my mind 

I will see my life change one day at a time 

No more risk perceived, 

It’s just the next logical step indeed 

A heroine’s creed,

Out of joy, not need.



Focused on my truth

Filled with SELF ENERGY

I am penetrating 

New heights, new horizons, new depths, 

Clearing all that isn’t serving 

The last tentacles of not deserving 

The last weeds of unworthy

A new era 

A new journey

I’m learning.

The ways of Gabriella

With fire in her eyes

She cuts through the lies

The old pattern dies

Let the empowered me, RISE.