you will find strings in your heart

to pluck

desperately keeping vibrations alive

as you breathe because

when they stop


The phone hung heavy in the receiver

warm from my fingers and voice

It's been removed

hauled off by truck to the dump

Then by boat

Accidentally shoved into the ocean

It kept falling

and falling

til it hit the bottom

and the air bubbles headed up

but never reached the surface

and the dust settled in the silence

where my words were left to rot


...Poems like this

exactly like this

Gypsy Queen


She looked like the gypsy woman

my uncle always tells me

I am

with him in another life

in a vision

a gypsy princess

or queen

He told me it's in my eyes

back when I was 10

at a barbeque, at a picnic table, on the patio

at her house

everyone else unaware of that moment

And I still remember

I knew then

and I still remember

the sudden weight of that knowledge


I dreamt his hair was encrusted in crystals

and seashells

I think he sometimes speaks to me through other people

to make sure I'm alert


Wrapped in our great aunt's colorful afghan,

on her head she wore a yellow crochet head wrap

with a giant flower I'd given her


She was beautiful


She laid my cards out on the floor

I tried to pay attention

told her to slow down so I could listen


I was in the tower

It was on fire

I'd have to jump to escape

on my path to the star

I'd create


We opened the door,

like a movie scene changed

We stood there looking out

The red porch light shone

a wind storm signaling she should go


It was late and I went right to sleep

as she drove



Nicole Hennessy is a mastermind always scheming big ideas. She is currently working to launch Universal Eccentrics, a creativity and positivity incubator for artists and communities. She previously cofounded a free art and literary publication, Miser Magazine. Nicole is also a writer for Brooklyn-based SPDance’s A Chance to Dance team, which works internationally to empower vulnerable girls, women and kids through dance. In addition, she is a board member for the Winter Warmth Mission, which works to get warming items and shelter to individuals sleeping on the streets.  At the root of the chaos, Nicole is a wife, mother, freelance journalist, poet and dreamer.