Full Moon in Aries September 24th/ 25th


Full Moon In Aries


With the Full Moon in Aries we are offered the opportunity to truly connect with our tribe, to reach out and into our community and gather in the spirit of togetherness.

Ask yourself now :

Who are you in relationship with others ?

How do we exist within our clan ?

How do our selves compliment the other ? And what do we need to rise ?

As with all full moons we are now given an opportunity to step into the new but in order to do this we must reach back, look within ourselves and heal the old. Old wounds of relationship ? Relationship to self and others?

Look within. Acknowledge your past - now step into a new future.

Within us all is wildness. Within us all is the ability to be great healers.

Within us all is the ability to transform.

Within us all is great destiny.


Listen to the voice within.

Together we will rise.


  1. Journal about you relationship to your community and those around you. What do you want out of your relationship to others ? What can you give ? What are your strengths within a group ? What aspects of your history are ready to heal ? What are you calling in ?

  2. Light a candle or fire

  3. Chant three times “ I AM READY TO TRANSFORM AND HEAL FROM WITHIN” ehilst staring into the flame

  4. Burn any thing you would like to release.

  5. Spend time looking at the moon - call in that which you wish for.

  6. Breathe