Join Us For Transformational Travel in Costa Rica


Costa Rica, dubbed one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth is a beautiful hub for wildness. I was lucky enough to visit the wildest parts of the beautiful land during the start of my Saturn Return. I found myself feeling raw, wide open, sexy and in love. In love with myself, my heart, my body, in love with my lover, my child and this beautiful, creative planet we live upon.

Embodied Transformation is going to be a a beautiful journey of awakening for everyone involved. The community that is coming together is alive, vibrant and tapped into authenticity and love.

On this spiritual journey we will face the deepest parts of ourselves. We will unravel and become our own talismans for truth and light.

Embodied Transformation is a journey for anyone that is ready to rise like the Phoenix.

It is a journey for anyone that wants to start 2020 in their most healthy, vibrant and fullest way.

Are you ready to start the next decade of your life connected to nature, connected to your body, connected to your community ? Are you ready to flow with the creative juices you were born with - to be set free?

Embodied Transformation will call you , and you know if it is right.

This is the transformative path of tapped in travel, of truth and spirit and the power of the land we walk.

Embodied Transformation is for the leaders, the teachers, the inquisitive minds.

Are you ready to learn how to connect with the body, with the Earth and how to lead your community with grace?

Are you looking to unravel the bullshit and look deep into the eyes of love?

Are you a yoga teacher, a spiritual leader, a holistic healer but want to expand your practice? You want to learn how to guide those around you from a place of truth and vulnerability? To be embodied in your spirit?

Then join us.

You are wild, free, it is in you blood, your sex, your soul, your spirit.

You can walk barefoot on the sand and feel your connection to it all.

I invite you to join us, to start this journey of a lifetime,

Enroll now here.