This is the time to LOVE - LOVE fully, resiliently, without fear.

Love will heal us all.


As the full moon rises we are in transition, the great Mother energy is called upon and it is time for us to birth a new story. In the last few months, or longer there has been a high energy of change, there is a shift going on and we are in a process of healing the masculine energy of the world.

Look inside - look towards to divine feminine, look towards your divine masculine and choose to heal. As the longest eclipse of the century passes the moon we will be given an opportunity to truly transform our shadow, to dive deep and pinpoint the root cause of our aggression, to release the anger of Mars. This is the time for great RELEASE. 

I invite you to spend today softly, to look at the moon, to journal about the changes you are making in your life, to confront your shadow and to bask in the moonlight.

Here are some suggestions for journalling

  1. Are you Listening to Your Inner Voice ? Are you Embracing Your Shadow? What do you need for transformation?

  2. What are the visions you have for your world and for the future of your self?

  3. How do you find balance between your divine feminine and divine masculine?

  4. How do you embrace the mother energy in your life? Are you a mother, a nurture, to you enjoy grounding to the Earth? Connecting to our great Mother?


  • Take time to go outside and look at the moon. Connect with her. Even if you can't see the eclipse her power will transform you.

  • Journal consciously about your journey of transformation.

  • Nurture your divine feminine energy by taking a bath.

  • Release aggression through dancing vigorously.

  • Drink something warm and sweet. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of the great mother.

  • Join in sacred union with a lover.