My Ritual Ritual

Rituals are an essential part of my survival. They help me to mother, to create, to be. Without them I am ungrounded, floating in a sea of chaos. In order to anchor my being I need markers in my day, patterns to return to, to honor, to love and to help me feel like me. 

When I was pregnant with my daughter Earth I began taking regular vitamins for the first time in my life. I had always thought my diet was "enough" that I didn't need to boost my healthy plant based diet with wasted vitamins that wouldn't absorb anyway but during my pregnancy my views on vitamins were transformed. Working with a naturopath I realized that I was lacking in vitamin D, B12, folate and my iron stores were a little too low for the potential blood loss of childbirth and as soon as I started taking high quality supplements my blood work reflected the changes. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was glowing, my skin was better, I felt more energized than ever before and I put it down to the subtle changes in my daily routine. 

Even so, as a busy mom, yoga teacher and business owner I need the things that nourish me to be simple, beautiful and effective. I don't have much time so I need to get straight to the good stuff. RITUAL is  a super easy supplement to incorporate into my routine and their subscription service means I don't even have to make it to the store. As a creative I was drawn to RITUAL because of their aesthetic appeal, their simplicity and their FANTASTIC ingredients. As a new mom and professional juggler of things, taking multiple vitamins a day just wasn't happening. I didn't have the time to open all the containers, let alone swallow them! This women run company has transformed my postpartum wellness and wellness as a woman. The clear capsules are beautiful and smell oh so real, they are easy to swallow and utterly transformative. I love how I can see what makes up ritual and their are no hidden ingredients. As a breastfeeding mama I want to be able to trust everything that goes into my body and with ritual I can do just that. I love the beautiful little jewels of wellness that make up part of my daily routine. 



1 bottle of RITUAL

1 infusion of choice


Wake up in the morning. Sit with my mug of tea and pop two pills. 


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Love and light