Mexico City Guide


Our recent trip to Mexico City was full of light and laughter. This colorful, vibrant and happy city is the perfect getaway for a family. We travelled to Mexico City with our 5 month old baby and were completely blissed out. It offered delicious and cheap food, wonderful atmosphere, amazing culture and the perfect opportunity to connect as a couple. You can hear about our trip and why I love to travel on the WILD WMN Podcast "Working Together" or use this guide for family friendly but sophisticated options to fulfill anybodies wanderlust.


This was our first time traveling to Mexico City. We arrived from the airport and were whisked off to our first night's accommodation at

CHAYA B&B boutique in the historic city centre. This B&B is family friendly but truly unique and gram worthy. The location is perfect for a quick getaway as it is right in the heart of it all and there are many local, hipster places to eat in the same building. The cactus garden is divine and you can even borrow a analogue camera for free. We loved the breakfast around a communal table and lying on a hammock, listening to the world go by. 

AIRBNB is the perfect option for traveling with family. We stayed in a high rise in POLANCO (the Beverley Hills of CDMX) which had everything we needed. In retrospect we would have preferred to stay in the quaint but trendy CONDESA or chic and European ROMA.



Mexico City is full of ah-mazing eats and luckily, the cheque is never very extreme. I really value good food so we ate at some of the best restaurants in the city - all were happy to accommodate babies although high chairs are not available at some. 

OJO de AGUA several locations ( our favorite is in Condesa) - superb juices, salads and sandwiches.  Nearly all are super healthy and sitting outside sipping on a juice is a great way to recharge.

ROSETTA PANADERIA delicious bakery in Roma with a small seating area. If you eat dairy the croissants are apparently divine. I love the baked oatmeal and herb salad!

ROSETTA the restaurant to the bakery - super beautiful! Best pasta dishes and sorbets! 

AURA VEGANA - delicious vegan food near the Frida Kahlo house!

COMEDOR JACINTA - wonderful mexican food with vegan options (hearts of palm ceviche! arghhh!) in Polanco 

CONTRAMAR - best eat and atmosphere of my life! I felt truly alive. The green salad is sooo splendid and the Tuna Tostada was definitely worth breaking vegan - as was the fig tart. Found in Condesa.

ROCOCO CAFE - the coffee here is just everything. A Condesa must!



NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ANTRHOPOLOGY - a wonderful museum full of wild artifacts! So INCREDIBLE. I was buzzing. 

FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE - home of the original #WILDWMN . What an inspiration! Buy tickets in advance. 

PINK AND BLUE CASA - amazing architecture and an interesting space where Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo lived and worked. 

EL BAZAR SABADO - quaint and picturesque Saturday market. Very family friendly and colorful. Located in San Angel, wander the cobbled streets and get a fortune from the man with the yellow bird. I also adored the coffee I found here and some delicious chocolates! 

MERCADO LAGUNILLA - HUGE Sunday market. Very loud, very busy and quite intense. Go here for a shock to the system and to look at the antique goods. I found a wonderful  WILD WMN artist, Yssel Elissa Tarin Abrego POESIA EN LA PIEL - her original designs will soon be for sale in the SHOP!

ESPACIO ESCULTÓRICO - my favorite space! A large outdoor area near the University filled with large sculptural pieces and land art from the 1980s. Truly WILD!