Athens is a wild colorful city. Bright, warm, beautiful. The people are exuberant and the food is delicious, there is an ancient majesty in the air but also a modern edge. Athens is a city of many tales, creative, magic, sensitive, forward thinking, classical. 

On our recent trip to Athens I was blown away with the mystery of metropolis. Here is our top list of must sees, eats and dos. 

Magical Athens

Magical Athens

See & Do

  1. The Acropolis and the Parthenon are of course, no 1 on the list. Ancient and beautiful, I was blown away by this incredible site. I have visited many ruins and a fair few wonders of the world but the Acropolis Hill blew my mind. It was busy, perhaps overrun by tourists but it still retains a rustic charm. You can feel the rock beneath you, the sun above you, the magic of the ancient site. We spent a few minutes with the ancient rock, sitting in meditation, feeling the smoothness of the stone, the ancient wear and tear of the rock and absorbing the magic of the hill. I recommend going towards the end of the day when the light is beautiful and soft. Sit on the rugged mountain - close your eyes and feel the wonder of this monument.  

  2. The Acropolis Museum - beautifully curated, light and airy, a museum as a gallery, Perfect ancient art. Look out for the owl above the entrance.

  3. Visit Exarcheia - a bohemian area with exceptional street art and a lovely relaxed and local feel. There is an excellent produce market on Friday mornings and some of my favorite restaurants are here. If you can stay here - we were in a wonderful garden Air BnB called “Stray Cats”.

  4. Central Market - Meat, fish and dried goods - not for the faint hearted but great for people watching.


Mamma Tiera - Vegan homely food - not far from Exarcheia. Try the date desert.

Cafe Bar 67 - Greek / Polish food and coffee/ tea/ juice/ beer in Exarcheia. I loved this for a simple lunch and break from Greek food. The vegan chocolate cake is delicious.

Ama Lachei - absolutely incredible modern Greek Food in an old school. Must try the split pea dip and mushrooms ! 

The Coffee Tree - Excellent coffee and tea in Exarcheia. Very bust during the produce market. Buy fresh tea and coffee. All drinks come with homemade biscuits.

Peas - Vegan street food in Koukaki. The lemon tart is great.

Avocado - Excellent vegan and vegetarian food with very extensive menu - near the centre. The burgers are delicious.

Sorolop - Great iceacream in Exarcheia.

Roaming The Acropolis

Roaming The Acropolis

.Septses - Wild Island

Spetses is a beautiful wild island. My husband spent long summers on Spetses in his teens and was keen to revisit with baby Earth. He travelled to the island with a high school friend and fell in love with the ocean and the changing terrain. 

Spetses is incredibly beautiful and whilst it does have a reputation for being home to many wealthy Greek yachts and holiday homes I really enjoyed the beautiful nature and friendly warm island. 

Eat at Patralis, visit Ligoneri beach and if you can schedule your visit during the Armata festival.

All the food on the island was exceptional and the beaches were the best.

We stayed in Ligoneri - about a 20 minute walk from the main town. It may be more convenient to stay in the centre.