Earth Womb And Earth Rituals

Simple Rituals for Earth Inspiration

Shortly before my journey into motherhood began I spent a period of time connected to the Earth and living in the wild. During this time I utilized ritual to rediscover my relationship to nature and the world around me. On my journey out of the wilderness it was important to make a lasting memento of my time with the Earth. The performance Earth Womb was a way for me to release and let go of my material ego and give thanks to the Mother. Nestled in the womb of the Earth I found stillness and a true sense of being. When we realize we are all one, all of us a shared miracle, then we are free. 


Not everybody is able to carve out an extended period of time to connect with the Earth and rediscover their creativity. Indeed, I am very lucky that this was the only point in my life where I could and I did but there are still simple rituals one can perform to connect with the Earth. Here are just a few:

Spend time in nature. WALK. MEDITATE. DRINK IT IN. 

Touch the EARTH. SAND. MUD. ROCK. Know it is there for you. 

Use the mantra above to ignite your SOUL FIRE.

Build a KERN of ROCKS somewhere special to you. 

Lie down on the EARTH and recognize what your are doing . AT THE BEACH. ON THE GRASS. ON A FLAT ROCK. 

Understand WE ARE ALL ONE.


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