Doula Services

Image of Monica Wood (LA MIDWIFE COLLECTIVE) , Elizabeth Flynn and her Partner in labor by Rebecca Coursey

Image of Monica Wood (LA MIDWIFE COLLECTIVE) , Elizabeth Flynn and her Partner in labor by Rebecca Coursey


Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are incredibly transformational times for any womxn and their partners however they often require some supported navigation. We live in a culture that teaches birthing with fear, that underplays the role of the mother in pregnancy and labor BUT with support the right of passage of birth can be a healing, empowering experience.

We believe that by assisting womxn in empowered births we can heal the world, we can teach womxn to step into their power and we can lift the veil on patriarchy, lack of equality and racism.

WILD WMN offers doula services for womxn and their families in and around pregnancy. WILD WMN enjoys working with single parents and mamas lacking community too.


A doula will help assist a womxn and her family in pregnancy by supporting and educating, offering emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor and early postpartum and advocating for a womxn in labor, operating as an extra set of eyes in the birthing room.

During pregnancy a doula will support womxn and their families, helping them to make the best decisions for the individual pregnancy and the birthing experience.

In labor a doula will provide hands on support for the womxn and her family, helping to ensure the birth is an empowered experience.

Postpartum a doula will provide emotional and physical support, extra resources and lots of love to mama, baby and the family. A doula can be a great resource, easing the transition from maiden to mother or mother to mother of multiples.

In the event of loss a doula is available to assist physically and emotionally, helping a mother and their family navigate grief.


The price of a doula can range greatly depending on experience and skills.

Elizabeth of WILD WMN offers birth doula services starting at:

$1250 (including 3 prenatal visits and 1 postpartum, 24 hour phone and text availability between 36 and 42 weeks, email mentorship throughout pregnancy)

Pregnancy and postpartum packages (minus the birth) are also available for slightly less and add on sessions are always a possibility.

Pregnancy and postpartum maiden to mother coaching:

$750 3 prenatal and one postpartum visit, constant phone and email support

Add on sessions:

$150 + one 75 minute transformational coaching, reiki, breath work, meditation, yoga & additional support however needed

$525 + 5 sessions

Postpartum Reiki:

$80 one 45 minute session

Early Postpartum Support (beyond 4 hours post birth and after Elizabeth has had a nights rest) :

$40 an hour (preparing basic meals in home, shopping if needed, light household cleaning, basic baby care.)

Postpartum Nourishment Pack

$100 three 32 oz vegan postpartum soups, 1 batch of v/gf chocolate chip lactation cookies, 1 golden mylk, 1 16oz wild wmn ritual bath, 20 cups of mama milk tea.

$170 the above + 45 minute mama and baby or just mama reiki session + custom guided meditation

Reach out for community or sliding scale services.